Status as of March 2018 (Source: Quarterly Progress Report)

The Project requires to acquire 3359.36 acres of private land for construction of Canal system and related Civil Works. Out of this, by the end of April,2018, 1400.72 acres of Land has been possessed. Land Acquisition is in full suing and expected to be completed in time. The special Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation& Resettlement Officer, RIP-2, Sukinda is in charge of Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation & Resettlement Activities.

Rengali Irrigation Project has Received Stage – 1 Forest Clearance for 2107 ha on 21.11.1966. Against this, approval for Stage-2 Forest Clearance for 812ha has been received on 14.05.2013. The Project is processing for obtaining Stage-2 Forest Clearance for balance forest land, approval for which is expected soon.

The Project has a Design & Monitor Division, headed by Executive Engineer. As of April 2018, out of requirement for 4662 Canal Structures, 4652 Structures have been designed and 4648 designs have been approved.

The design for the most critical segment, i.e. from RD 104.0604 km to RD 105.0628 km, where earlier a tunnel was proposed, is now under preparation at the level of Chief Engineer, Designs o/o EIC, WR, for a change to complete the work with “Partial Cut & Cover with open Excavation on either side”.

Construction of Project Office Building, located at Sukinda has been completed in December 2017 and the building is now housing the office of the CE, JICA Project, office of the FA cum CAO, Special LA and RRO and the PMC.

Of the 27 civil works packages, four (4) is under construction. Monthly Review Meetings are conducted by PMU & PMC for Package A(I), A(II) and B(I) – Kick-off meeting for Package A(III)-(A) was held on March 20, 2018.

There are 27 Civil work packages in this project. Of these four packages are under execution and Five packages are under tendering stage. Package B(II) is on its approval stage of bid evaluation which is expected to be contracted out in April-June quarter. Package A(III)-(B) is in re-tendering stage. Package C(I), C(II), C(III), the biddings have been received in February 2018 and are under evaluation.

Agriculture-Participatory Irrigation Management (Ag-PIM) Unit, also known as Soft Component Unit, is yet to be fully established in the PMU.  PMU has requested DoWR, in letter No. 1316 Dt.28.02.2018, to allow recruitment to the seven positions in the Ag-PIM Unit from open market through advertisement.  WALMI has been working on PP formation and on the introduction of Soft Component in Bhuban area since 01 July 2017 under guidance and facilitation from PMC. PMC Experts with WALMI Coordinator on Soft Component Implementation visited on 27.01.2018 the WUA (PP) Darpanarayanpur MIP in Nayagarh district to ascertain the modalities leading to sustainability of WUA and Rabi activities of the PP (WUA).   To help PMU in implementation of On-Farm Development (OFD) activities by PP a new CADA division is to be set up for RIP-II. The CE has sent request Letter No-838, Dt9.02.2018 to DoWR for an opening of a CADA Division for RIP-II at Bhuban.

Pre-bid conference for RFP of Development and Deployment of MISv1.0 was made on 10.01.2018.  Bid evaluation was finalized and submitted to CE.  The works are scheduled to be started from April 2018.

A total of 27.76 man-months of Professional Experts inputs and 8.22 man-months of Sub-Professional Experts inputs were provided during the reporting period totaling to 163.22 and 38.71 man-months respectively since commencement of the PMC on 01 September 2016, till March 2018, for technical support to overall project management, irrigation design, structural design, procurement, construction management, quality control, agriculture and participatory irrigation management, management information system, financial management, project benefit monitoring and evaluation, and social and environmental safeguards.


The major activities of the PMC during the reporting period are as follows:

  • Reviewed with CE, JICA Project on Status of Project activities
  • Review of design statement of Bhuban Branch Canal and design of structures under Package B(I) and design statement of Minor and Sub Minor Canals under Package A(III)-(A)
  • Assisting preparation of International PQ and Bidding Documents for Package-E(I)
  • Providing on-site support, from time-to-time to PMU and field engineers on construction-related activities, quality control, safety assurance, social and environmental survey and assessment and Soft Component.
  • Attending Gram Panchayat (G.P.) Level Awareness Programme arranged by WALMI
  • Supporting Water and Land Management Institute (WALMI), Odisha on implementing activities related to the formation of Water Users Association (WUA) and providing training
  • Assisting PMU for tendering process of Development and Deployment of MIS in RIP2
  • Training on use of Drone was conducted for PMU-PMC on 15-16.02.2018 by the supplier of Drone to PMC
  • Review of EIA/SIA/RRS Report of M/s. OCC (through CEMC) for a deep cutting portion of RLBC of Pkg. D (RD 100.49 to 103.46km)
  • Assisting in the third-party review of Environmental and Social Considerations(ESC) by SYCOM Project Consultant, appointed by JICA
  • Conducting and managing the training program for senior engineers and PMC Experts on Underground Pipeline (UGPL) Irrigation System, Application of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) in lift irrigation, in Ramthal Irrigation Project and Narayanpur Irrigation Project in Karnataka.
  • Assisted PMU in preparing Project Completion Report (PCR) for RIP-1 in Project Status Report (PSR) format