Rengali Irrigation Project Phase-II (RIP-II) is a JICA-supported Project of the Department of Water Resources (DoWR) of the State Government of Odisha (GoO) to complete the Left Bank Canal Phase-II from RD 71.313km to 123.500km.

Project Objective

The objective of the Project is to increase production of agriculture in the Project area by constructing irrigation systems, establishing Water Users Association, and promoting livelihood support activity through improving farming technique and other related activities; thereby, contributing to improved living standard of farmers and socio-economic development of Odisha State.

Project location and Geographical Coverage

The project area is situated within the Districts of Dhenkanal, Jajpur, and Keonjhar.

Left Bank Canal (LBC) in Rengali Irrigation Sub-Project starts from Samal Barrage at Latitude 21°31’North and Longitude 85°20’East near Talcher in Anugul district of Odisha state. The main canal of RIP-2, under JICA funding, runs starting at 71.313 km running up to 123.500 km and leaving a length of 17.500 km, to be addressed later, ending at Baitarani River. The Project irrigation distribution system is located in the central region of Odisha State and spreads in Eastern/NE direction.

The Project area shall be catering to irrigation needs in seven blocks namely Kankadahada, Bhubana, Sukinda, Korei, Danagadi, Ghasipura, and Anandapur.



To meet out the project cost “Loan Agreement (L/A) ID-P244” was executed between Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the President of India on March 30, 2015, vide which JICA Agreed to finance maximum of Rs. 1787.20 Crores and the remaining Rs. 468.10 Crores from the Project cost, is to be borne by the State Government of Odisha.

Project Components

The project components consist of:

  •  Construction of Irrigation Facilities,
  •  Supporting Activities, and
  •  Consulting Services.

The Supporting Activities include the Soft Component as well as the Ancillary Packages that are supporting and building the capability of the Project Management Unit (PMU).

Project Scope

Construction of Irrigation System

  • Distribution system along Main Canal from RD 71.313 km to 100.43 km,
  • Main Canal from RD 100.49 km to 123.50 km,
  • Structures such as head regulator, cross regulator, escape, VRB, CD etc along Main Canal RD 71.313 km to 123.500 km
  • Bhuban Branch Canal System,
  • Sukinda Branch Canal System,
  • Barapoda Branch Canal System, and
  • Korei Branch Canal System.

Supporting Activities

  • Soft-Component with On-farm Development in Block A, B, and C
  • Ancillary Packages

Consulting Services

  • 190 M/M International Exerts
  • 594 M/M National Experts
  • 190 M/M Sub-Professionals


Project Activities

Activities under the Civil Works include preliminary survey, Land Acquisition and Resettlement activities, Detailed Engineering Design, procurement, and construction and turn-over of Civil Works.

Supporting Activities include preparatory works and planning workshops; capacity building and training activities; information, communication, and advocacy activities; soft component support activities (i.e., establishing and operationalizing Water Users Associations (WUA), promoting livelihood support activity (through improving farming technique and other related activities), etc.), and support to PMU (under Ancillary Packages) for better infrastructure.

The Ancillary Packages cover Construction of Project Offices, development and deployment of Project Management Unit (PMU) Management Information System/Geographic Information System (MIS/GIS).

Activities under Consulting Services include technical assistance, monitoring, and guidance.